Edmonton Food

I used to be a bit scared of Twitter but now I’m not because it tells me about things like the photo above. This is a Friday night food truck service Edmonton style. LOOK AT THOSE FREAKIN’ ADORABLE LIGHTS. This mini meet up consisted of Molly’s Eats and Drift food truck. I’d tried Molly’s Eat’s quesadillas before and having them again they did not disappoint, still the best I’ve ever tried. That rich sauce is the bomb. I was so excited to try Drift food truck and their evening service burgers which is an event that happens around once a week. And holy cow this was the best burger I’ve ever eaten.

JUST LOOK AT IT. The bun is a … well, I don’t even know what kind of bun it is but it’s like it’s been baked in heaven’s oven and the beef/pork burger was juicy without being greasy. The cheese was perfect and it was topped off with pork belly which I thought would maybe be a little over the top but it was spot on. And the aioli [spelling?] they used wasn’t too overpowering. I’m usually guilty of slathering burgers in heaps of condiments but with the Drift burger, it wasn’t necessary.

So happy these food trucks are in this city.