A Bit Random

I have a good buddy. A good buddy gives you half of her gigantic peanut butter cookie sandwich. This beast is half the size of a plate (the quarter is for scale here).

I’ve known Eleanor in Edmonton here for a couple of years since I arrived in this city. It’s been awesome working with such a kind and darn smart person for the past long while. She is now moving to Flosam, California with her genius husband (for real, the visa says so) and to have a baby boy.

I wish them all the best, I will not share my chocolate milk with another!


EPIC BAKING DONATIONS! The coffee cup here is for scale and I will tell you there is no graceful way of carrying home a 2kg tub full of peanut butter. I should have just rolled it. Those cute teddy bears in their little bow ties were waving at me all day at work. Mid-afternoon I got the munchies and just wanted to crank it open and start eating it with a spoon. But I hung onto my self-control. Just.


I can’t help but be in love with Edmonton in the summer – IT’S SO GREEN.

I’m lucky enough to work/live near such a beautiful park as the Paul Kane park in the Oliver area of downtown. So I’m no landscape architect, but there’s something really harmonious and peaceful about this place. The size isn’t huge and the undulating landscape surrounding a mini-lake/fountain is perfect for kids/readers/sunbathers. The mixed use area surrounding the park of offices and condo blocks also brings in a big mix of users for the space too (thanks Jane Jacobs!) This is the best place to come and take a break from the stale office air.

This labour day Monday we ventured down to Victoria Park in the valley for a food truck meetup and got to try Molly’s Eats for the first time. I’m not usually wild on quesadillas but these were one of the best things I’ve eaten. Smokey pork with a bit of a kick too it. Can’t wait to have them again.

Hanging out in the sun with good food and company is the best way to spend a Monday. We got lost in the golf course on the way back but nevertheless, a delightful day.

Here ends my small ode to a couple of parks of Edmonton – I feel lucky to live in such a beautiful city.

And Feist says it better than anyone…


I’ve long been a huge admirer of Sir John Tenniel’s illustrations in Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventure’s in Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass and What Alice Found There, so when I spotted this beautiful White Rabbit plate I knew had to have it!

Tenniel did numerous illustrations for political magazine Punch before the Alice illustrations and passed at the ripe ol’ age of 93, which is pretty tip top for Victorian standards.