Hello! Long time, no see. You look great.

I had an amazing time in England at Christmas. Being with my family in Tynemouth, friends and the ocean is lovely. My favourite thing we did was going to a lighthouse near where I live. (and watching lots of Sherlock and playing Scrabble).

My dream home would be a lighthouse / astronomy tower / observatory hybrid. The light of the lighthouse was especially impressive, beautiful really.

We went to Edinburgh with my awesome aunt. I can’t believe I hadn’t been there since I was tiny, it’s a stunning city.

Things I took for granted growing up include..

1    living right by a ruined monastery from 1095… that is SO OLD and amazing. It’s on a cliff, right by the sea.

2    Sunrise by the sea.

3      The sea. Oooooh the sea!

It’s always so hard to leave but I’m lucky to be able to come home to such a breathtaking place. Thanks mum and dad. x

  1. d said:

    Our door is always open and our path is free to roam…….

    • Christine said:

      I thought it was Tynemouth.

      Enough of that now! What about some recipes?!!

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