Back From England.

Lask week I went to England for a visit to see my family, it was an emotional but fun week full of good times and really good food. The photo above is of the North Sea, I’m not joking… That could be the Pacific, right? But here is a brief summary of my foodie experiences from last week.

In Heathrow Terminal 5 I spotted a Gordon Ramsay restaurant, separated from the plebs by a neatly placed walkway, I would only want to eat here if the food came with insults and constant, enthusiastic knee slapping. I think this is possibly Gordon Ramsay’s 50th restaurant worldwide.

I’m not going to lie, I nearly mistook them for truffles…

The week was full of coffees, one of them being at The Grand Hotel in Tynemouth with my Mum and Aunt Angela. I love a good latte but for some reason I’m not such a fan when the container is a tall glass. I suppose I’m just more of a coffee cup sort of girl.

One of the highlights of my eating week was trying an easter egg from Hotel Chocolat – this thing was insane!! The egg was so thick and delicious and the truffle-like chocolate treats inside were top quality. Thanks Mum!

When I ventured out of cosy Tynemouth to Newcastle city centre, I had some really great food. Cafe Nero delivered a delicious tomato and mozzarella panini and scrumptious chocolate twist. I’m not usually too keen on pastry but the chocolate mixed with a sort of custard and light buttery pastry made it irresistably tasty. My lovely aunt Christine who I went with was not wrong about them! Also a great cafe where I met a friend was Chalk and Paper. The cafe had a rustic feel inside and wasn’t too busy. The meatball sandwich was delicious and the coffee great to match. The perfect place to have a 3 hour chat with a good buddy.

My Dad really outdid himself when I was at home. He cooked cracking meals every night of the week. The highlight though had to be his afternoon tea he cooked in honour of the Royal Wedding. Scones, scotch eggs, mini sandwiches, curried chicken wrapped in lettuce and the best chips (that’s fries to you North Americans!) I’ve ever tasted. Apparently 3 times cooked in a process that sounds too complicated for my simple mind. KNOCKOUT meal.

And no English visit is complete without good fish and chips, or in my case, fish – pie – chips. This was perfect.

And I drank about 4 bottles of wine…. Drinking my parents out of house and home! An amazing visit though, the food and the company did not disappoint, as if it ever could. The view wasn’t too bad either…

  1. Christine said:

    …and you were the perfect niece…great company with coffee or camera!

  2. d said:

    Emma’s Invasion of Britain
    You came
    You saw
    You conquered

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