I love travelling. Love taking photographs. Love discovering new places. I have an OCD compulsion to study maps to the point of obsession. But the best part is the food! Vancouver is full of places to eat and drink, literally bursting with choice!

So much good coffee.. I scoped out the best looking places to go before we left, I was not disappointed. The Wicked Cafe was exactly that.

The Granville Public Market blew my mind, crammed full of fresh food.. too much to choose from! We settled on a delectable looking French Chocolate Mousse. Go Fish is a tiny shack of immensly awesome seafood. We chose the salmon sandwich and the cod and chips – best I’ve ever had!

Oh sweet sweet foody memories… And the coffee just kept on coming. The Cafe Artigiano latte had such distinct, rich flavour.. it was almost chocolatey. And with a truffle brownie at it’s side. SWEET COMBO.

Oh wow, can I go back to Vancouver now please?! But it only gets better because you CAN’T BEAT VERA’S MEAT! Vera’s Burger Bar offered fast food burgers without the grease and a ton of freshness, the mini burgers were the perfect lunch followed by a scrumptious chocolate milkshake.

Holy cow, Holy caffeine, Holy sushi boats, Holy best few days of my recent life! I can’t wait to go back to V-Town to stuff more delicious food into my face.

1 comment
  1. Christine said:

    French chocolate mousse and coffee in Vancouver, you’ve got me licking my lips again! You should get a job in advertising!!

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