Could you be the most beautiful torte in the world?

Birthdays are super fun and I’m always happy for the person and their date of birth but really all I care about is the cake.

Megan’s birthday came around and with it promises of an epic cake/torte so wonderful that it would put all my other attempts to shame. Created by Megan’s mum, I was defiant that this cake could not knock me off my stubborn ego baking pedestal. Well holy heck this was the most delicious thing I’ve tasted.. since, well, ever.

As if having a chocolate ganache torte made from Bernard Callebaut chocolate the size of a car tire weren’t enough, Megan’s sweetheart grandpa kindly made us a batch of peanut butter cookies that are very more-ish.

The Birthday Torte is a beautiful thing comprising of a key parts to form one delicious whole.

I could actually just sit and eat that fudge sauce right out of the container all day. Any day.

The recipe is SUPER TOP SECRET but I am going to look to recreate this magnificently rich dessert. Thankyou Megan’s Mum and Grandpa and happy birthday Megan!

  1. d said:

    Ah! Torte-ology; it’s worth eating it more than once!

  2. Christine said:

    You temptress – I want the recipe!

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